Scatomancy Defined

scat•o•man•cy |ˈskatəˌmansē| noun.

The ability to anticipate, generate, and deploy bullshit, particularly for one’s own ends in the exercise of policies within vertically organized institutional structures.

“My scatomancy was really tested this month by that proposal.”

5 thoughts on “Scatomancy Defined”

  1. Ok, this is awesome. Integrating it into my vocabulary seems almost like plagarism.
    Yes I still maintain “awesome” for casual use. I don’t know if I should inflict my offspring with “rad” just yet.

    When I commented on your page some time ago, it didn’t occur to me that I was quite doing that, rather than sending some bullshit “hi there!” message. Odd surprise to see my name under recent comments with such an abundance of traffic here. Forgive my assuming further commentary is appropriate.

    Congrats on the book.

  2. Inappropriate? How could it be? We’re clearly the only two people reading this site, so we can use it as we like. (As I’ve said multiple times, this is because I am the world’s worst blogger.)

    And the whole point of a neologism is to expand the lexicon, and that can’t happen without wider adoption. So use it well and use it often.

    1. Hmm. So is Jonathan Frakes sorta the Space Pope sometimes or is it more of an autocephalous thingy? Wait…

  3. All right then. Divining from people’s figurative rather than literal bullshit does seem to be more practical.

    At least you blog. I just send essay lenth texts to people at odd hours.

  4. …and misspelled words in my online commentary saved for posterity. Damn you Internet! The punk-ass kids can blame me. Hey, I’m old enough to say that now… probabably shouldn’t. Though I do know how to “dial” a telephone number.

    Ehh, I’ll live, for now anyhow.

    Keep the hair, counterexample. I recommend a beard. The secret is lack of maintenance.

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