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The very rarely discussed §73 of Epictetus’s Enchiridion


“If a messenger should bring you a letter informing you that you are now counted among the members of a council of scholars who shall meet frequently to discuss the methods, rules, and scope of notions by which you teach the youth, remind yourself what kind of consortium this is.  When they insist that you meet with the council, place before you what happens at such meetings.

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The rarely discussed §54 of Epictetus’s Enchiridion…


“When you are going to a meeting, remember what kind of an act you are performing. If the meeting is in a room that was just being used for another meeting, and there is cold pizza in a box sitting on top of the garbage can, remind yourself of what this is: it is garbage pizza. When you desire the pizza, you are foolish, for it is garbage pizza, and you are no longer a 21 year old living on 1400 calories a day in a crackhouse in Pittsburgh because you refuse to participate in capitalism. You may desire all the pizza there is, but remember that when you do, your will is not in conformity with nature.  If then you aim at the life of wisdom, remember that you must not attempt to lay hold of the garbage pizza with a quick, sneaky effort; but you must leave the garbage pizza alone entirely.  And you may say, “But it is still good, and they’re just going to throw it away.”  No, they have not thrown it away, they have restored it. They have restored the garbage pizza to where it now belongs…”