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Schützlingenabfahrtswehmut defined

Schütz•ling•en•ab•fahrts•weh•mut | ˈsho͞otslingˌɪnˈapfärtsˈvāmo͞ot | noun.

The wistful ambivalence one feels upon the departure of a protégé.

(Note: a loan word from German speakers in another possible world.)

“How’s June feeling?”
“Oh, y’know. Schützlingenabfahrtswehmut.”

Scatomancy Defined

scat•o•man•cy |ˈskatəˌmansē| noun.

The ability to anticipate, generate, and deploy bullshit, particularly for one’s own ends in the exercise of policies within vertically organized institutional structures.

“My scatomancy was really tested this month by that proposal.”