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In memory of Jack S. Thorpe (1957-2021)

What? I am smiling.

My friend Jack Thorpe died this fall.  He would have been 65 today.  He died back in October, but I only learned of this in the last few weeks.  My contact with him had dwindled along with his health in the last two years, despite the ease of texting.  The last text from him was in May as we bemoaned the worst defensive play in recent memory and Pirates’ history.  After that, no replies.  There’s some irony in a man who took such glee in maligning my laudable Irish ancestry leaving my world with an Irish goodbye.  

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Two for One Deal

Somehow it is both Zombie Night and Vegan Night tomorrow at PNC Park. This confused me at first. “Brains!” but somehow also no animal products?

Then it hit me. It’s not that there will be food for the vegans at the park, it’s that the zombies will be eating the vegans. Duh.

Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 12.37.38 PM.png